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Hi there! I'm Elzevera from Willow Editing, and my aim is to help you take your first draft to the next level.

Many writers fall into a black hole of despair once the first draft is done because, after the initial euphoria, it turns out the quality is far from what they’d expected.

I’m here to tell you that that’s completely normal. Each stage of the writing process has its own goal, and the only goal of a first draft is simply to exist. It’s not about how it looks, it’s about the potential it carries.

And let me tell you, my friend: your first draft has potential.

I know this because over the course of my editing career I’ve seen many first drafts and not once have I come across one that seemed utterly hopeless to me.

Did they all need work? Absolutely. But that’s what the next stage of the writing process is designed for: self-editing.

This is a stage that’s often either overlooked or rushed through, and that’s a shame. Because self-editing can mean the difference between an outstanding story and an average one, no matter if you self-publish or if you go the traditional route.

And, you want to hear some good news? The only qualification you need to self-edit is to be a writer. Nothing more, and nothing less.

I strongly believe that every writer can experience joy and satisfaction in the self-editing of their book. Self-editing helps you get to know both your story and yourself on a deep level.

Going through the self-editing process will help you not only to improve your writing, but to grow. As a writer, and as a person.

You got this, I promise. And if you feel like you don’t, that’s totally normal. In fact, that’s why I created this community!

Why You Should Join

There are so many tips and tricks and hacks out there that promise to take you through the writing process as quickly as possible.

But why would you want to?

You started writing because it’s something you wanted to do, right? Because it made you feel good.

Why should that feeling stop once the first draft is done?

Because of all the well-intended information out on the internet, it can be easy to feel like the way you approach things isn’t normal. That it’s wrong. That if you want to call yourself a writer, you need to spend every spare second working on your book.

Well, I disagree.

I strongly believe that writing a book is something that should bring joy and satisfaction. Something that builds confidence in who we are and what we do.

The idea of self-editing often elicits dread, anxiety and other negative feelings. I’ve found that part of what causes these feelings is a sense of overwhelm and not knowing what comes next.

That’s why I created a free checklist that guides you through the self-editing process from start to finish, to make sure you set yourself up for success rather than frustration.

Beyond that, this community will offer a sense of security throughout the self-editing process. Daily and weekly posts help you stay accountable and make room for self-care, and conversations with other members provide encouragement, support, motivation and inspiration.

If you’ve decided to follow through after writing your first draft by self-editing your novel, you’re already a step ahead of many writers.

Just picture yourself completing the self-editing process on top of that.

How would it feel to have taken your manuscript to the next level, to have turned it into something you can be proud of?

To look back on the process with a big smile on your face, rather than a feeling of ‘I didn’t want to do it, but I just ploughed on until the end’?

Joining the Under the Willow community will help you develop and maintain the positive mindset that will allow you to reach that point. To make your writing dream become a reality.

A Big Thanks

Thank you so much for your interest in Willow Editing and for joining Under the Willow, I appreciate it!

I look forward to helping you go from questionable first draft to quality manuscript with confidence and joy.

Here's to kicking some self-editing butt!

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